Monday, October 22, 2018

Musings of a Cancer Survivor

A rough sketch........

A little while back I went through Lymphoma Cancer, it was a life changing experience in a lot of ways.  I can't speak for everyone but all the changes were not good.  When I was 1st diagnosed it felt like the end of a lot of things, including my life. 

The doctors were correct in their treatment with chemotherapy drugs and I lived.....................

However, the part that I may not have considered was the changes it made in my body, mind and spirit.  I came out of it with a thankfulness to be alive.  BUT.. My memory was damaged, I sustained a spinal injury in the hospital, I have acute neuropathy in my feet and legs and my hearing was damaged. 

I may just be my experience but going through cancer treatment and living with the after affects are two different things.  The support you experience as you battle cancer is huge but as soon as it's in remission everyone leaves and expects you to just go back to normal.

Or as they say...GET OVER IT !

When I found out that I was going to live I had to decide how that would look.  I can't do the hard physical work I have always done and everything had changed.  I had sold my Indian motorcycle and almost everything else that personally belonged to me as I didn't want my wife to have to deal with it.
I thank God that we have my Fire Department retirement pension to help live on.

OK.....restart, reboot, begin again....................
I am not about to quit !

I had the idea to start an antique motorcycle driven charity for cancer survivors,  I have always been connected to motorcycles and I'm pretty connected to cancer (my daughter in law is coming out the other side of breast cancer right now) 

It will be a not for profit charity to raise funds to help cancer survivors and their families.  Yes..survivors.   We're thankful we made it but.................

I will be starting a crowd funding page soon to get started.  Building a succesful 501c3 is expensive.

My name is Tim Drennen and I have operated Classic Moto-Cycles for the last 15 years
I am interested in your feedback and comments
You can e-mail me at

This is not affiliated with any church or other charitable organization