Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two Triumphs

The beat up green TR6 I just acquired reminded me of a bike that I built when I lived in Albuquerque.  I was looking in the local paper one morning when I spotted a Triumph for sale, I immediately made arrangements to look at it.

When I arrived at the sellers house there was indeed a crusty TR6 chained up in the front of n equally raggedy house (at least they were consistent in not caring about anything).  I negotiated a deal for $1200.00 , if my memory serves me.

The bike was ugly, smoked when first started but ran pretty well once warm.  My son and wife bet me that I couldn't ride the bike without restoring it for one year.  It had a beautiful purple fender that I came up from somewhere.  I rode that bike for at least 3 years before the engine was just too knackered to continue.  At that point I tore it down and built the silver bike shown above, I took no short cuts. 

Anyway the silver bike is long gone and I now have another beat TR6 to consider ????

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kool K Model

This K Model is just plain kool !  There was a guy in Benicia, California that had a bike very similar to this when I was a kid.  It was for sale and naturally I couldn't afford it.  This bike is timeless.


"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction, the world will have a generation of idiots"

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I may not agree with Clint eastwood on politics but he is still a cool guy.  He says what he means and that is pretty rare in Hollywood.


I took a sabbatical from the blog but I am back.  A couple of weeks ago I responded to a CL advert for a couple of Triumphs, it was kind of difficult to make an appointment with the owner and I almost let it go.  Upon arriving at the shed where the bikes were stored I saw an original TR6R and an early 60's T100 surrounded by a mountain of parts.  I immediately forked over a grand and loaded up.
This was on Saturday, I spent the afternoon cleaning everything and threw the T100 and parts on CL and sold the pile on Sunday for a bit over what I had put out total.  This left me with the TR6 and some extras at no cost !
It is a non-matching engine and frame so I am presently trying to decide whether to build it or pass it on.
These old Triumphs are about as cool as it gets and they were owned and ridden by some pretty selective guys.