Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Adam Nickel Artwork

The art of Adam Nickel is like a breath of fresh air.  Full of dreams and unencumbered.  Follow the link and buy some art from him!!!!!!!


Norton Roadster Still For Sale !!!!!

This is a real nice 1971 Norton Commando 750 Roadster.  I have done a lot of work on this bike and I just titled it in my name.

If you do the research on the Norton engine that went into a Commando you will find that it started as a 500cc mill and was continually enlarged to meet the needs of the market.  By the time the Commando was designed Norton was on the ropes financially and could not afford to re-design the engine so they used the Dominator 750 engine which was already over sized and had vibration issues.  The answer was the rubber mounted isolastic set up which does make for a smooth running motorcycle.  actually it works very well.  The next generation of Commando after my bike was the Combat Commando which grenaded because it was under designed and then the 850 Commando which was really stretching things. 

My point being this, the 750 Commando was as good as it ever got in terms of a rideable motorcycle.  This bike should have the double shoe front brake but has the 1972 disc set up which has been completely rebuilt and upgraded with a rebuilt Norton-lockheed caliper with racing brake pads and an aftermarket Andover Norton reservoir/brake lever assembly.  It is a nice set up and a definite improvement over a stock disc set up.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pre-Unit Engine

I found a 1960 triumph pre-unit engine for my drag bike.  It is just what i was looking for and the builder is standing behind his workmanship.

: Original 1960 Bonneville Triumph cases
: Nine bolt top end with Bonneville 9 bolt head
: Racing valves and springs
: High compression 9.5:1 piston set up
: One piece crank w/new bearings and re-grind
: Polished con rods
: High lift race cams
: Balanced and lightened crank set up

It should be just the ticket for a go fast bike, I am picking it up on the first.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Joe and His '29 Ford

Joe and his very cool 29 Ford hot rod. Joe is a member of the Shifters Car Club and built this car himself.  I bought the Triumph drag bike from Joe and he is a very straight up guy.  I have given a lot of people extras with bikes that they bought from me, but Joe is the first guy who did the same for me. 

I am really impressed with the simple down to earth coolness of this car.  Yes, i am looking for one !

No nonsense Lincoln V-8 flathead engine built to run.

Pre-Unit Dragster

I have decided to keep this bike as built, it will get a triumph Pre-Unit mill and drive train.  The entire frame was shop built and is made of square tubing.  If anyone has any history on it please drop a line.

Lovely fuel tank !

The square center tube is the oil tank, someone put some hours in here.

Check out the gas cap, it is an old Amal carb top that fits perfect.

I went back over to Joes' and bought all the remaining pre-unit parts he had....engine plates, BTH magneto (yes it works !!), rare lightened timing gears, 930 cams and the transmission.

Check out the fit on the gearbox to oil tank, no room to spare here.