Friday, December 28, 2012

The Baron's Speed Shop T110 Racer

This is a 1954 T110 that has been heavily modified for racing, the engine is built up and the frame reinforced.  Very clean package.
Built by The Baron's Speed Shop

Steve McQueen

As the caption says, Steve McQueen in his element.  He was an avid motorcycle and race car driver, the real deal.

Mike "The Bike" Hailwood

Mike Hailwood racing a cool old Triumph circa 1958. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sport 65

Here is a crazy little project I started about a month ago, for some reason I like the look of these 1960's Hondas.  This is a 1965 S65 that I purchased for a whopping $150.00, although to be honest these bikes are a losing financial proposition even if someone gave it to you.

I changed the bars and put new tires on it, it needs to have  the seat reupolstered and a paint job on the gas tank.  It is going to be a rustoration and I actually want it to be a bit rough. 

It will be a neat little bike for all of the neophites to learn to ride.

1958 Triumph Pre-Unit

Well it is almost a new year and it's time for a new start.  I was able to find a titled Triumph TR110 frame and a cherry set of 58 TR6 cases.  I was born in 1958 so this is a project I have wanted to do for quite some time.  I was going to build a unit twin TR6 project but as the saying goes "been there and done that".

I am still a bit undecided on the style I am after, rigid bobbers have been done so much that they almost are common place.  I am thinking more on the lines of a T100 style 1950's racer.  I may go with a rear swing arm section but we'll see.

Here are some pictures I got from The Jockey Journal of both styles.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Pink Bike Named Fred

Not to mention all the drama surrounding the latest biker build off, but it was a treat to see certain loud and opinionated people lose out to a pretty basic Shovelhead built by a couple of real people.  And it is PINK on top of that !!
Way to go Gas Monkey !