Monday, September 24, 2012

Final Cannonball Coast to Coast Race Results

Brad Wilmarth and His 1913 Excelsior
Brad Wilmarth won the Cannonball with a perfect score and however else they figured the winner.  Joe Gardell came in second on his 1914 Harley Davidson, Norm Nelson came in third on his 1929 BMW and Jeff Alperin and Josh Wilson came in fourth and fifth respectively on their 1929 Indian 101 Scouts.
Pretty cool when you consider the age of the bikes that placed in the top five.  I believe the Harley and Excelsior were placed above the Indians based on their age.
Congratulations to everyone who finished at all or even attempted the ride !
The picture was taken by Paul D'Orleans

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Harley Davidson Industrial Engine

I picked this 1927 Harley Davidson industrial engine up at the Irwindale Speedway swap meet today.  I have never seen one before, apparently it is fairly rare. H.D. tried to boost their sales in the late 20's and early 30's by selling industrial engines to run just about anything you can imagine.  It was unprofitable so they ceased production after only 2-3 years.  This engine is in real good condition and is all there.  It would make a pretty cool "boy racer".

Friday, September 21, 2012

Team Yarocki In 4th Place In Cannonball

George Yarocki and The Beast
Team Yarocki is doing really well in the Cannonball, it looks like they will finish in at least 4th place.  From what I am seeing George has also assisted with the other Indian motorcycles, a true gentleman.

Chout Frame Options

Some options for my Chout frame.  I listed it on E Bay and if it doesn't sell I am going to keep it.  It would be cool to build an Indian outside of the normal builds commonly seen.

138 MPH Chout

Jim Robinson's Chout was timed at 138mph at El Mirage, its fitted with Bob Nichols' Racing side by side conrods and cams.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cannonball Indians

It looks like the Indian 101 Scouts are doing real well in the Cannonball.  Jeff Alperin with Team Yarocki is in 5th place and Josh Wilson is in 6th.  Just goes to show you that "you can't wear out an Indian Scout" !

Monday, September 17, 2012

Indian "Chout"

A Bit Rough

Chout Frame Compared To Original 101 Scout Frame

It Looks Like An Original Chief Casting Grafted Onto Scout Frame
Frame Is Modified To Accept Junior Scout Tanks
I saw an add on Craigslist for a 1935 Indian frame so naturally I checked it out.  After some driving, speculating and haggling my son and I hauled it home.  As you can see in the first picture some genius with an arc welder went crazy adding brackets all over the place.  I almost walked away from it when I saw because it was so ugly.  however, a few hours with my grinder and it looks pretty nice.  this frame was altered to accept a Chief engine and some later point is when the other mess was added.  the original job is pretty nice, it looks like a Chief rear frame casting was grafted in so the kicker should line up fine.  a pretty good idea.  The holes in the frame were cased by the welds not from being rusted out.
I am not sure what i am going  this frame, I may sell it.
Below are some nice chouts that have been put together over the years including the Max bubeck Chout that did 135 mph.

Not a Chout, But Cool Anyway

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I was just looking at the overall results so far for the Cannonball, it looks like only Jeff Alperin still has a perfect score among the Indian riders.  Pretty cool, he is currently in 9th place.  A BMW is in 1st place and there are a plethora of Harleys and Hendersons scattered thoughout the top slots all with perfect scores.

Go here to get current results and pictures...

Joseph Schantin and His Flying Merkel

August 9, 1912 in New York City

Cooling off in a horse trough in Blue Ball, Ohio
As you all know the Cannonball is taking place as I write this, it is a most amazing feat to ride across the country on a pre-1930 motorcycle.  This story is even more amazing when you consider riding 6000 miles across 15 states in 79 days in 1912 !

Joseph Schantin decided to ride from Portland Oregon to New York city based on a dare.  He purchased a new 1912 Flying Merkel motorcycle that had two cylinders and produced 7 hp.  He then  rode down the West Coast through San Francisco and Los Angeles and then went East through Arizona, New Mexico all the way to New York City and then extended his trip ride to Portland Maine.  The roads and riding conditions were terrible at that time, there were no real roads in many places and when it rained you had to push your bike until it could be ridden again.  Oh, and by the way he had a prosthetic leg.

He started out with a friend who turned back when they got to Arizona, his friend had enough of the whole deal.  Joseph just continued on.   In many places gasoline could not be purchased or was expensive.  Can you imagine paying 50 cents for a gallon of gasoline ?  No joke, that was expensive in 1912.

After riding to Portland , Maine he stayed a few hours then headed back home by the Northern route through Canada. He covered around 10,000 miles in 4-5 months time.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

City of Vallejo

This picture has always fascinated me as I lived in Vallejo for years.  I worked with a Steve Bettencourt when I was employed by Mare Island Fire Department.  Not sure if any relationship but I am interested in any history anyone may have on this bike.

Old Iron

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cannonball 2012


These pictures were taken by Jeff Alperin the day before the start of the Cannonball in Newburgh, N.Y.   I will try to get pictures from whatever sources are posting to give an update as things progress.  It sounds like most of the Indian 101 riders did well today with one exception.