Monday, April 25, 2016

Indian Scout Disc Brakes For Sale

I am selling the disc brake set up from my Scout.  It is a bolt on ready application and includes the 741 rear frame section.  The front fork does not include the triple trees or shackles.

I think a good builder could use the parts on a new Indian Scout and build something pretty cool.  The tires are modern wide tires and could be replaced with the older 5 x 16 taller profile tires for a more retro look.

I will include all the parts shown for $2800.00

Call me @ 951-992-9839

Custom 2016 Indian Scout

The new Indian Scouts have great potential to customize to your tastes.  This one was built by Indian Motorcycles of Charlotte, N.C.  
I believe Matt Blake is making fenders for these bikes that are bolt on ready.  I like it

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Burt Munro Sets New Speed Record 36 Years After His Death

World's Fastest Indian legend Burt Munro would probably have forgiven the American Motorcycle Association for a 1967 stuff-up that robbed him of a record-breaking run.
The association has back-pedalled on times for Munro's 1967 world land-speed runs after the motorcycling legend's son, John, discovered a miscalculation on the certificate issued on the day.
It turns out the legend broke the Class SA 1000 land speed record (previously 183.586 miles per hour or 295.453 kmh) on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on his 1920 Indian 953cc Fuel Streamliner on August 26, 1967, achieving an average speed of 184.087mph, John Munro told The Southland Times.
He said the association had issued a new certificate after it recognised and fixed what it said was a mathematical error in calculating speeds achieved by Munro on North (184.710mph) and South (183.463mph) runs on the flats that day.
"It's nice to know Dad's still breaking records 36 years after his death. That doesn't happen very often.
"He would probably have said he had never been good at sums himself. But I'm sure he would have been quite pleased that error was picked up."
Burt Munro's lifetime fascination for the Indian motorcycle brand and his passion for shattering speed records on his motorbike, culminating in his first run as fastest qualifier at Bonneville in 1962, were portrayed in the 2005 hit movie The World's Fastest Indian.
John Munro said his father bought the Indian depicted in the film in 1920 and worked on it for 57 years up until his death, hugely increasing its claimed top speed of 55mph.
Munro's surviving children, all in their 80s, were working to ensure their father's achievements continued to be recognised, something that did not widely happen while the champion was alive.
Before the movie was made, many in New Zealand saw Munro as "some silly old bugger that didn't really know what he was up to", his son said.

Burt Munro...Gentleman of Speed

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Harley Davidson JD Frame, Forks and Attached Bits For Sale

I bought this Harley JD frame, forks, handlebars, etc. from a guy in Minnesota.  It came off a farm in North Dakota and that's about all I know about it.  It has surface rust and a few imperfections but it's a pretty cool piece. It needs a good soaking in Kroil to loosen things up.   I think it's  a 1928-29 because of the front fork brake anchor but I'm not sure.  There are quite a few little pieces still attached which add up pretty quickly.

I have more pictures if you are a serious buyer which means you have called me and we have spoken on the phone.

The box is built so well and the frame secured so nicely that I'm not taking it out of the box.

I'm asking $5500.00

Indian Sport Scout Daytona Big Base Racing Gas Tanks

Sport Scout Remodel

I guess at this point my wife isn't too shocked that I can take a running motorcycle and turn it into a project in an afternoon.  I spent most of the day yesterday tearing down the Indian Scout and I'm pretty happy with what I'm keeping, the disc brake wheels and fork are being sold and I am going to have to get my stock wheels built and find another fork. 

I am not sure at this point if I will run my Daytona tanks right away or later on.  If I use them I have to get an oil tank from Matt Blake and get a magneto which adds up pretty quick.  If I keep the tanks that are on the bike I have the expense of paint and a battery set up that I would just run as total loss and keep a battery charged and ready to run.  This bike is being built to race anyway.

Rollie Free at Daytona 1938

Rollie Free on his Indian Sport Scout "Chickadee" after setting a new record for a 45 " motorcycle at Daytona.  He ended up with a record time of 111.55 mph but actually the bike would go faster.  The record was taken from Harley Davidson by 9 1/2 mph.  He told his wife Margaret that if he didn't beat Harley by 10 mph he wasn't coming back home...I guess he fudged a bit because he did go back.

Rollie Free had an ongoing war with the Wilwaukee  factory because they sold him a so called hopped up race bike and then he found out that they only gave their best bikes to factory riders... he left Harley and went to Indian which he sold and promoted heavily in the state of Indiana.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Race of Gentlemen

Here is a link to the TROG site, it looks like fun and hasn't gotten too high end to enjoy.  Hope it stays that way.  Just good old racing on the beach !

1936 Indian Racer Project

Sorry I was off line so long but life happens............................

I switched gears again and just bought a 1936-ish Indian Sport Scout that is a pretty easy project (I hope).  It has a few custom touches that were removed today...for example, the late model Harley wheels with disc brakes !  The guy who added the wheels did a good job but they don't work for me.

I am trying to get it ready to race in the California Race of Gentlemen that will be held in mid-October.  It has to be period correct and they won't even accept my application until it's ready to race.  The race will be an 1/8 mile on the beach in a straight line so I should survive.

I have a set of original Sport Scout Daytona tanks that I want to run on it, we'll see.  First I have to build my wheels which I just happen to have from another deal.

Here are some before pictures and a shot or two of what I want it to look like in general.

Here is what I'm going for in general, not the same exactly but I like the lines, it looks authentic. I'm not sure who owns it but it's a great looking bike !