Monday, April 18, 2016

1936 Indian Racer Project

Sorry I was off line so long but life happens............................

I switched gears again and just bought a 1936-ish Indian Sport Scout that is a pretty easy project (I hope).  It has a few custom touches that were removed today...for example, the late model Harley wheels with disc brakes !  The guy who added the wheels did a good job but they don't work for me.

I am trying to get it ready to race in the California Race of Gentlemen that will be held in mid-October.  It has to be period correct and they won't even accept my application until it's ready to race.  The race will be an 1/8 mile on the beach in a straight line so I should survive.

I have a set of original Sport Scout Daytona tanks that I want to run on it, we'll see.  First I have to build my wheels which I just happen to have from another deal.

Here are some before pictures and a shot or two of what I want it to look like in general.

Here is what I'm going for in general, not the same exactly but I like the lines, it looks authentic. I'm not sure who owns it but it's a great looking bike !