Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Harley-Davidson FHAC

1928 JDH Cutdown

Specifications Frame: Cutdown 1928 JDH.
Forks: DAH Hill Climber.
Engine: Two-Cam 80 Cubic Inch rebuilt by Michael Lange.
Fuel Tanks: 350cc Peashooter.
Transmission: 3 Speed stock.
Ignition: Baby Bosch.
Carburettor: Schebler De Luxe 48

Monday, December 28, 2015

SOME THINGS ARE JUST A REAL BAD IDEA............................

Mads Bartholin Motorcycle Genius !!!

Mads Bartholin is a motorcycle building genius, he wanted an Indian Four cylinder but couldn't afford one...so he built one.  The original Indian Four is a design icon, but I really think this bike is better than the original.  To start with it has a shaft drive !

So if that wasn't amazing enough he then wanted an Excelsior Super X overhead valve motorcycle so he made one...............I mean made one from scratch !!!   Cast the engine cases, heads, etc., etc.  I think I'm doing pretty good when I "assemble" an antique bike, this guy just creates one !  You can follow his progress on The Jockey Journal, which incidentally a very good source of information on custom and antique motorcycles....check it out here www.jockeyjournal.com

Joe Petrali on an original Super X

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Basics

Blue Chip Moto-Cycles

Vintage motorcycles have always been good investments depending on what you purchase or purchased, if you were smart.  I once knew a motorcycle collector who went from 5 bikes to over 70 motorcycles in a very short time period.  The collection was housed in a custom built display building that most would kill for.  He caught the bug and started buying everything he saw that HE thought was a good deal.  I told him to invest in marques such as Vincent, Brough and the like.  He said they were too expensive but he spent more than that on bikes that were not coming up in value and frankly never will.  A word to the wise...rarity does not always mean it's a good investment.  When he totally lost interest in motorcycles he could not get his money back despite the promises of a very prominent auction house...


If an investor decided to put aside a few bikes for a long term gain he or she would be wise to consult someone who has been around the motorcycle scene for a long period of time as these can be shark infested waters.  Classic Moto-Cycles have performed as well or better than most stocks but the same rules apply, buy the right stock and hold it long enough to see it appreciate.

Just because a motorcycle has been "restored", what are you really buying.  Are the parts original or reproduction ?  Who did the restoration and who built the power plant ?  You may say it doesn't matter I just want to display it BUT it does matter if you ever plan to sell and realize the capitol gain you hoped for.  

More to come.......................

Most Expensive Crocker Sold So Far........................

This 1940 Crocker 'Big Tank' twin sold at the Bonhams Quail Lodge auction for a staggering $302,000  in August 2012

I don't think this is the end of this trend considering that very few Crocker motorcycles were ever built with and estimate of between 60-72 depending on who is talking.  Consider what a totally original Crocker will bring with the deep pocker investors who are now playing this game.  Antique/Vintage motorcycles are actually a very good place to spend your money as the values continue to rise.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Those Amazing Crockers

Crocker engineer Paul Bigsby with rider Sam Parriot at Muroc dry lake, 1940

Paul Bigsby, Sam Parriot, and Albert Crocker at Muroc dry lake in 1940; Parriot recorded  136.87 mph on June 19, 1940 with the 'parallel valve' engine

Crocker Bigsby Special.....$$$$$$$

First Crocker V-Twin?? Bigsby Special!
1936 Crocker V-Twin Prototype SN: 36-61-A Built by P.A. Bigsby, Al Crocker’s #1 Designer, pattern make and fabricator.
This Crocker V-Twin prototype engine was installed in an early Harley-Davidson frame with Harley transmission, girder forks and Henderson aluminum tanks prior to Al Crocker building his own frames. The prototype V-Twin was then given the SN 36-61-A… the letters designated pre-production special features.
* Bronze timing cover
*Special early Hemi heads with the ‘Bigsby’ name on the Rocker covers
*Special oil pump etc,.
Engine was subsequently rebuilt by George Hood and is in running condition. The story behind the story and a very important and unique historical motorcycle!


- Crocker Special Board track racer replica
- Possibly the first Crocker Hemi Head V-Twin engine
- Thought to be Paul A. Bigsby's test engine
- Some reproduction engine parts by Jim Lattin
- Engine cradled in a modified Harley Davidson frame with a special girder front end
- Engine rebuilt by George Hood
- Light weight Crocker Special, approximately 70ci with special cams
- Running condition
- Engine # 36-61-A

This bike will be auctioned at the Mecum auction in January, I believe it will go for around $300K give or take a nickel

Mr. Bigsby on an early Crocker