Monday, December 7, 2015

Indian Chief Rear Shock Assembly

I rebuilt the rear shocks on my "6 Chief today.  These are the basic sure you assemble the springs correctly !   You will need two special tools, a spring compressor and a special wrench to install the threaded slipper.

Here is the spring compressor tool that allows you to assemble the shock and re-install it in the frame.

Top of the shock.  There is a spring clip that goes in the grooves to keep the slipper from backing loose.

Threading the slipper into the top of the shock with the special wrench.

Keep the spring compressed and install it in the frame.  The top chrome cover that goes into the frame should be installed loose over the attached chrome cover.  The chrome covers are a pain to install and are a very tight fir.  Be sure all the powder coating or paint is removed from the raised shoulder that holds the cover or you won't get the cover on !

It will look kind of like this.  Some parts are out getting cad plated and I will finish when they get back to me.