Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Venerable Harley Davidson 45

Harley Davidson produced the 45 from 1932 in the form of the RL up into the 1970's in the Servi-Car models used by "meter maids".  I was built as the RL, the WLD, the WLDR, The WR with some mods, the WLA for the military as well as the  WLC for the Canadian military, the WL for civilian purposes and finally as the G model Servi-Car.  I probably missed one or two designations but the point is that the little Harley 45 wouldn't die. 

I have always liked them and my first Harley Davidson was a 1947 WL with a G motor which I rode for years in kind a semi bobber form. It was a good little bike and I rode it way to fast both solo and with passengers.  Many adventures were had on that little bike.  I finally sold it in 1987 to finance the down payment on my first house.  It was faithful until the end !  I'd like to have another some day.

Look closely, it's not an Indian