Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rollie Free at Daytona 1938

Rollie Free on his Indian Sport Scout "Chickadee" after setting a new record for a 45 " motorcycle at Daytona.  He ended up with a record time of 111.55 mph but actually the bike would go faster.  The record was taken from Harley Davidson by 9 1/2 mph.  He told his wife Margaret that if he didn't beat Harley by 10 mph he wasn't coming back home...I guess he fudged a bit because he did go back.

Rollie Free had an ongoing war with the Wilwaukee  factory because they sold him a so called hopped up race bike and then he found out that they only gave their best bikes to factory riders... he left Harley and went to Indian which he sold and promoted heavily in the state of Indiana.