Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two Triumphs

The beat up green TR6 I just acquired reminded me of a bike that I built when I lived in Albuquerque.  I was looking in the local paper one morning when I spotted a Triumph for sale, I immediately made arrangements to look at it.

When I arrived at the sellers house there was indeed a crusty TR6 chained up in the front of n equally raggedy house (at least they were consistent in not caring about anything).  I negotiated a deal for $1200.00 , if my memory serves me.

The bike was ugly, smoked when first started but ran pretty well once warm.  My son and wife bet me that I couldn't ride the bike without restoring it for one year.  It had a beautiful purple fender that I came up from somewhere.  I rode that bike for at least 3 years before the engine was just too knackered to continue.  At that point I tore it down and built the silver bike shown above, I took no short cuts. 

Anyway the silver bike is long gone and I now have another beat TR6 to consider ????