Saturday, October 27, 2012


I took a sabbatical from the blog but I am back.  A couple of weeks ago I responded to a CL advert for a couple of Triumphs, it was kind of difficult to make an appointment with the owner and I almost let it go.  Upon arriving at the shed where the bikes were stored I saw an original TR6R and an early 60's T100 surrounded by a mountain of parts.  I immediately forked over a grand and loaded up.
This was on Saturday, I spent the afternoon cleaning everything and threw the T100 and parts on CL and sold the pile on Sunday for a bit over what I had put out total.  This left me with the TR6 and some extras at no cost !
It is a non-matching engine and frame so I am presently trying to decide whether to build it or pass it on.
These old Triumphs are about as cool as it gets and they were owned and ridden by some pretty selective guys.