Sunday, November 6, 2011

David Mann Chopperfest December 11th

David Hansen who runs The Shop in Ventura, CA is putting on the 8th Chopperfest as a tribute to David Mann on December 11th, 2011.  If you grew up reading Easy Rider Magazine then you are a fan of David Manns' work.  He captured the idealized biker lifestyle each month as a center fold, if that lifestyle was all it was cracked up to be is another thing.  I was there.

He was a great artist and I still love to build and look at good clean custom motorcycles, no OCC please.  Incidentally I see that Discover channel is doing a build off of the two Pauls against Jessie James, if Jessie builds true to his origins it is a done deal.  In my mind West Coast Choppers brought back the true stripped down custom bike as we all built them at one time.  Of course you always had guys like Sugar Bear building some great bikes.  I'll pick that up another time.