Friday, June 15, 2012

1928 101 Indian Scout For Sale

I may be selling the 101 Scout that I bought to ride in the Cannonball, I am not doing the ride and the bike was and is an expensive venture.

I bought the bike as you see it here, it was fairly complete and all original.  I took it apart and took everything to John Bivens of Indian Engineering.  Here is what is being done to it....

Straightened and repaired the frame including correct footboard placement
Straighten and repair front end
Rebuild the original gas tank to better than new
Rebuild the powerplant with all correct finishes
Rebuild and plate carburetor
Rebuild magneto
Paint the frame and front end to a dark red and install engine in frame (color is still open to your preferance)

This is the work that John and I have agreed upon and the buyer must be willing to follow through on, John is a top notch builder and that means things don't get done over night.  I have $16,500.00 in the bike which still leaves a repair bill on the above for approximately $12,000.00 plus paint.  I will pay for the frame repairs, the footboards were wrong as this was a hill climb bike and one tube was replace at the bottom.   It may be a bit more or a bit less, but that is a ball park figure.  You can then have John complete the restoration or collect the bike and finish it yourself.  If you do not want the paint done that is your call but I am not flexible on the other work being done.  The agreed upon work MUST be completed by Bivens,  period.

As you may have seen a 1928 Indian Scout (not a 101 Scout) just sold on E Bay for $59,200.00.  The buyer did not pay and the bike is re-listed and is currently around $30K   These bikes make very sound investments.

Everything to build the wheels but the rims and tires
Front fender
Rear fender
Repro. battery box and toolbox
New handlebars from Marks Indian
Repro.  John Brown headlight
Seat pan and springs
Seat mounting bracket
Complete front and rear brake assemblies ( need new linings) including cross shaft
Foot controls and newly made brake and clutch rods
Gas caps and oil cap
Oil hand pump
Shift lever
Tail light bracket (no light yet, but maybe ?)
There are some other items but I would have to look things over, it is a pretty complete and original bike.  I like the 1931 look better so the bars and headlight are 1931, if you do not want them we can adjust things to work for you or take everything and trade around, it might be a better deal that way.

I would be happy to discuss the purchase with a serious, qualified buyer.  I have a clear Oregon title that was issued in 1958.  It is open but not in my name.
Call Tim @ 951-992-9839