Friday, July 12, 2013

Velo Venom For Sale in UK

VELOCETTE VENOM THRUXTON BEATER SPECIAL...This is a genuine Clubman RS frame but otherwise standard. Forks are double damped thruxton type, upgraded from the single damped unit, all fully rebuilt. New Akront flanged alloy rims WM2 front and WM3 rear with fresh Avon Roadriders. Rear hub is cotton reel type as per MSS (lighter), new drum\sprocket at the back + shoes. Brand new front hub and original TLS brake. Alloy centrestand, custom rearsets but mounted in conventional way on standard triangulal plates. New wiring loom, everything rewired 12V, gel battery. New RK Leighton 1.5 Sports seat, Tomaselli adjustable Ace bars, Tomaselli quick action throttle and alloy levers. Thruxton tinware, all freshly painted. Proper Thruxton oil and fuel tank (genuine not repro), Thruxton strengthened engine+box plates.
Gearbox - standard 12 type, fully rebuilt, including new layshaft and new mainshaft, the rest in good condition. New bearing including the large new bearing and shims. upgraded linkages(best velo box ive used if I may say so). Kevin Thurston complete belt drive with crankshaft seal and custom "chaincase" made from the standard screw up type.
Engine - Alan Walker strengthened crankcases, lightened beveled flywheels (as per works mods), genuine Carillo conrod, Cosworth Manx Norton piston. All valve gear lightened and polished and running Thruxton pushrods. Alfin barell. Genuine works Thruxton squish head with 1 3/8" inlet. Breather and oilpump mods as per works bikes. Timing gear all running roller needle bearings, cam is a custom profile but based on 17/8. Runnin on 1000 series Mk1 Concentric on a Thruxton manifold but also suitable for a GP. Manual K1F magneto. Dyno result with standard exhaust 37 BHP at the real wheel 39 with Megaphone and 43 with megaphone and GP.A REAL THRUXTON BEATER !...
Comfortably over £22k of receipts all together.