Monday, January 11, 2016

Las Vegas Mecum Auction Results for 2016

1912 Henderson Four Cylinder sold for $165,000
These are the top ten motorcycles that actually sold at the Las Vegas Mecum Auction
1912 Henderson Four Cylinder  $165,000
1955 Vincent Black Prince  $120,000
1928 Cleveland Four Cylinder Tornado $115,000
2004 MTT Y2K Turbine  $115,000
1956 B.S.A. Gold Star Cut Away from the Herb Harris Collection  $110,000
1939 Harley Davidson Knucklehead unrestored except paint  $90,000
1914 Flanders Model D Twin  $90,000
1937 Brough Superior SS80  $86,000
1929 BMW R63 Pre-War  $77,500
1917 Henderson Board Tracker..Rare & Original Factory Racer  $72,500
Overall I thought the prices were way down from previous years.  It was a good time to buy, but not so much if you were selling. 
There was a 1966 Velocette Thruxton that sold for $25,500 but it was not a good year for Triumphs, B.S.A.'s or Nortons.   A very nice 1947 Triumph Tiger 100 sold for $7750
Some of the specialty race bikes didn't fare much better with a 1912 Indian Board Track racer selling at $48,000 and a 1930 Indian factory Hill Climber sold at $60,000
A real surprise was a 1949 Vincent Rapide selling at $40,000 !
Some unsold bikes were the Crocker Bigsby special only going to $90,000 and not selling and a 1908 Harley Davidson Strap Tank going to $400,000 and not selling.  It will be interesting to watch these two bikes to see what ultimately happens.  I thought the Crocker would sell at a very high price.
I was told by a very renowned motorcycle collector about 14 years ago to only buy Vincent and Brough Superior if you are going with British bikes and I have seen this to be true over the years.
I do believe that antique American Motorcycles will always hold and increase their value if you buy the right ones with a strong priority on original paint and part bikes.  It's like any other market, there are years to buy and years to sell.
 1908 Harley Davidson unsold at $400,000