Wednesday, March 27, 2013

E Bay Rant !!

I have been using E Bay to sell motorcycles and parts for 12 years and have always tried to treat my clients fairly and have refunded money several times to make a person happy with the transaction.

Recently I sold a Harley WL carburetor and manifold to a Donna Collins in Mercer, WI.  After the deal was paid for I shipped the package to them, after a month they said they did not recieve the package.  I tracked it and the Postal Service stated it was undeliverable as addressed. 

I sent the buyer my phone number and the tracking number and got no response.  Mean while E Bay decides that the buyer should get a full refund which THEY then sent to the buyer and then proceeded to state that I owed them the full rended amount.  They then threatened to close my account. 

I called the post office in Mercer, WI and spoke to the post master and as soon as I gave the recipients name he gave me the address and post office box of Donna Collins.  She and associates are known to swindle people and he said he knows for a fact that the package was delivered.  He then offered to process charges with the Post Master General on my behalf as he has had it with this group of individuals.

In conclusion, E Bay has gotten so fat and arrogant on the money we generated as sellers that they now completely favor the buyer and take no consideration of the sellers.  It was the sellers who made E Bay all of their money, without an item to sell there is no transaction.  They now charge around 4% on the sale of your item and another 4% on the Pay Pal transaction.  Pay Pal is a part of E Bay and they feel that they are now in a position to rob us blind and handle our funds as THEY see fit.  I am about through with them and will look for other ways to do business in the future !