Saturday, April 20, 2013

Harley Davidson WR Frame or Not ????

I just purchased this Harley Davidson flathead frame and I am pretty sure it is a 1948-49 WR racing frame.  I looked very closely at the pictures on The Beauty of Speed site and everything looks spot on.

This frame came out of the Mid-West and was found in an old mans' stash of Harley parts.  The person I bought it from, bought all the parts and was selling them off.  The frame was being sold as a Harley Davidson WL 45 frame, at WL prices, not as an authentic WR frame.  This leads me to believe that it is not a fake as there was no reason to fake them back when they were actually being used.

 Go to the "THE BEAUTY OF SPEED" SITE For Pictures

Nice Harley Davidson WR

Original Harley Davidson WL Frame

My WR Frame..The Castings are Different Than The WL Frame
 If you look at The Beauty of Speed site he lists 292 WR models sold in 1948 and 121 WR's sold in 1949 which makes a total of 413 WR sold for both years.  Since these were the only years chrome moly frames were sold, that does not account for a very high number.  Considering that a lot of WR's were road raced and sold as WRTT's with the stock WL type frame the chrome moly frames are probably one of the rarest frames made by Harley Davidson, ever.  According to everything I have read they were also weaker than the WL frames so when they broke and proved to be inadequate, were they saved for heirloom items or scrapped ?  Think about it.