Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My '48 Chief

Indian Moto-Cycles are like an addiction, if you ever own one you can't leave them alone.  I have had a half dozen of them and there is just something that I love about them.  They aren't real fast, they aren't exactly modern, but at the same time there is something visceral about them that I can't shake. 

I put everything I had into building the blue Chief in the pictures.  There are a few bikes I really ever really regretted selling and one was this Chief and the other was the Vincent Comet.  I guess there was an orange Panhead that ran like a top !

I am in the process of selling all my British bikes and getting back into American made motorcycles.  Yes, I will buy another Vincent given the chance.  But, from my roots I have always loved old Harley Davidsons and Indians and plan to have more.  The good Lord willing that is !