Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day

A salute to all the brave men and women who have served in all branches of the military over the years!

It is a great sacrifice to go into battle for your family and country, no doubt what we have in this country has been purchased at a great price.  I wish the politician's who jockey for office had the same burden.  We once stood for something as a country but a lot of that is gone now.  It is a real tragedy that a person lays their life down in service and when discharged from the military there is not even a genuine care for the burden they still carry with them.  The Veterans Administration is a travesty and is only a bare minimum band aide for the veterans who they are supposed to serve.

My Dad served in the South Pacific in World War II and saw a lot of action on an LST landing craft.  He didn't talk about it too much.  My brother served in the Navy and then again later on as an Army Scout and has always been a great example of bravery and integrity. 

I did not serve in the military but did have the honor to serve in the Fire Service and we did save some lives over the years.  It was an real honor to a part of the Fire Department.

It is something to live a life of service to others and it would be good for the young people coming on to realize that there is a real world out there beyond the cell phones, video games and computers where people fight for freedom or just a safe way of life.  Again, I salute you !