Monday, September 30, 2013

DKW 1939 SB 500

  DKW 1939 SB 500 electric start.  German , DKW , they were the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the World in 1939.
           Twin Cyl Two Stroke Motor !
    Fully restored to a high Standard. Rare, may be the only factory electric start in existence.
  This is an unusual Motorcycle , chances are you may have never seen one before .  Seldom, in the history of  motorcycles, were large two stroke motors, used in Luxury  touring machines .  Take a close look at the photos , and be assured they only hint of the quality of this machine.  Its no wonder Bob Schanz kept this bike so long and held it in such high esteem. Its beautiful from every angle and boasted technology  not matched again for decades to come.
      A beautifully restored and sophisticated Teutonic black and chrome masterpiece. It was the property of the restorer for over 40 years, since 1945. With a well known provenance. Restored in 1980. Acquired by, Hall of Fame Member, Bob Schanz of DomiRacer in a 1985 auction. Starts and runs  great, with an electronic ignition. Purchased recently from DomiRacer, Michigan Title available.
   This bike is a rare surviving example of  German excellence . Given the devastation that took place in Germany, during the second World War and the use and destruction of so many of its motor vehicles by the military, it may well be one of the  only survivors of this model.
 You may notice that the bike has similar lines to some of the smaller Euro two strokes, with single cylinder engines . Its not small, it’s a full size bike and the engine is substantial in size, it also has substantial get –up-and Go and  along with speed.
   The bike has undergone a complete and detailed restoration and has spent many years in the Domi Racer Museum environment. The chrome is awesome , no rust. There are be a few small scratches, a tiny dent in the rear fender and one in the front. All of these issues are so small as to be hardly noticeable.
    This Spring the bike was carefully gone thru , then started and ridden for the first time in many years .  What a joy to ride , smooth , stable and a fine example ,of what was ,a top of the line tourer . Unlike modern two strokes it has a very pleasant exhaust sound.
     This was an expensive and exclusive mount of the late 30’s and the last year example of the model. Vin # 516468.  I’m not an expert on this make , but have not seen or heard of another survivor with electric start.  The bike is so elegant , with a cast aluminum fuel tank, deep black gloss paint , highly polished Aluminum and Chrome accents. It shifts smoothly starts easily and rides like a dream.
    If you are looking for an unusual ride for rallies , the Rare addition to your Museum , or the next winner of the Concourse De Elegance . This might fit the bill. This bike just shouts, I’m Cool.

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