Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jim Higgins on the Salt

Jim Higgins is a retired Vallejo Fire captain and a well known Buell S2 rider and Bonneville Land Speed Record holder, currently holding six Worlds LSR Records.

 His current project is to build and ride the world's fastest Buell. It is an S2 with carbon fiber Buell RR100 bodywork and a 100 cubic inch turbo charged motor in the 300 horsepower range. The goal for this new motorcycle is to earn a place in the prestigious 200 MPH Club.

I worked with Jim when I was with the Vallejo Fire Department and he just getting into Bonneville racing when I retired out.  I was told that he had joined up with a couple of other guys after he retired and opened up a  shop, JT & S Performance which specializes in high performance Buells and Harley Davidson's.  His shop is located at Infinion Raceway in Sonoma California, this is the old Sears Point Raceway (which it still is to me).  It looks like they do dyno tuning so if you have the need for speed drop by and give them some business.

When I knew him he was trying to get his Buell to do 130mph, I believe, so he has come a long way from that in the last 10 years.