Monday, October 19, 2015

Old Indians Never Die.........

Old Indians Never Die... they just lodge themselves in your brain !!
I wasn't sure if I would restore another Indian because of past ventures into these precarious waters.  I have started a few and not finished them.
While on a trip to Indiana this summer I found a basket case '46 Chief and of course drug it home.  It is a numbers matching bike and is pretty complete ( by basket case standards anyway ). 
It was missing the front fork legs which I have found so here goes.

I started on the frame and removed the plungers and both stands, etc.  I am going to powder coat all the black parts.

Matching number engine.  I have the whole thing, just not pictured

More parts..........................

I have all the tins and a nice set of wheels, etc.  It is actually pretty complete, of course all the missing items will eat up all my funds.  I am building the chassis then sending out the engine to be rebuilt.