Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wall Rider Charlie Ransom

During a typical 30-minute thrill show, the American Motor Drome Company sends all manner of wheeled conveyance up the 15-foot-high, hardwood-planked, vertical face of its famous Wall of Death —everything from single-speed bicycles to Briggs & Stratton go-karts to buzzy two-stroke Aermacchi dirt bikes—but the grand finale always features star rider Charlie Ransom aboard his bike of choice, a beautifully dilapidated 1926 Indian Scout. Ransom rides an antique Indian because professional wall riders have always preferred Indians , and Ransom wants in every way to honor the American thrill show tradition. Besides, Ransom explains, the Indian is just a better bike.

I guess in the early days of riding the wall other bikes were tried but Harley just didn't cut the mustard, it had a single down tube frame and didn't handle like the scouts.  I believe most wall bikes are earlier Scouts with the shorter wheel base frames.

This looks like a 101 Scout with the longer wheel base...very, very cool to say the least !

I wasn't there but it is my understanding that Charlie rode this modified 2015 Indian Scout on the wall when Indian first introduced the new line of Scouts.  pretty difficult compared to the little bike in the back ground.  My hat is off to the man !