Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dual Carb Knucklehead

I have always been fascinated with Harley Davidson knuckleheads with two carburetors.  I guess they kind of complicate a simple set up but they do make for more speed if built up correctly.  A lot of the old drag bikes used them as well as a few customs.

Stan Dishongs' Giant Killer

I think this bike was built by Love Cycles in Arizona, nice setup

Rocket Hammer from Japan

Really nice set of dual carb heads residing in my garage.  They are late 30 knucklehead heads with modified intakes setup for three bolt Linkert carbs.  Kind of funny because I believe the three bolt Linkerts were for Indian Moto-Cycles.

Very good 1946 Knucklehead transmission with a 1940 lid and an original Jammer kicker cover.

Cherry little timing cover for a knucklehead.  The above parts are in my garage...nuff said for now.

The nicest little Knucklehead I have seen for a while.  I know it is a single carb set up but I love this bike !   Building a bike to look this good with the correct patina is not as easy as it looks.  I am seeing a lot of patina-ed bikes being built but they don't look period.  Finding correct parts with the "look" is the challenge.  Bikes like this are built to ride which is what I want since I live at the end of a long dirt road in the country !