Tuesday, February 13, 2018

K Model Affliction

I have had a thing for Harley Davidson K Models ever since I saw my first one in the 1970's  It was a blue custom chopper that was very sanitary, I wanted it bad but didn't have the where with all to purchase it.  The next K Model that came into my personal life was a basketcase 1953 K which my friend Mark Alexander purchased from an old man in Vacaville, California.  He had it for a while but didn't do a whole lot with it so I traded him my 1971 BSA Thunderbolt chopper for it.  I'm not sure who got the best end of that one...but I wanted it.

I had the basketcase K Model for a short time before my friend Mike Dickerson and I were almost killed on Highway 29.  We were going way to fast on the road between Vallejo and Napa California when a car pulled across the highway and stopped in the left lane right in Mike's path.  I was in the right lane and nailed the throttle missing the front bumper of the car by inches...Mike wasn't so fortunate.  He hit the car broadside at about 80 mph.  He lived but it was a horrible wreck that I will never forget.

After the accident Mike got into some things that delayed the healing of his broken leg and arms, he had broken both of his arms and one leg as well as almost having his head cut off by his helmet strap.
I was concerned for the direction he was heading so I gave him the 53 K Model to try to get him focused on getting well.  The bike never got built...again.  When Mike died tragically in 1987 the bike went to his brother Ralph who then sold it to a biker in Vallejo who went by "V Town" Willie.  I recently tried to contact Willie and found that he had passed away and that his widow may have the basketcase in her garage, so far no luck in getting it back but I haven't given up the idea. 

As you can see I have an affection for these little pre-Sportster Harleys.  The bike pictured above was a 1953 Harley Davidson KK that I owned a few years ago.  I am now in the process of piecing together a 1956 KHK and will keep you posted...Be safe out there