Monday, February 12, 2018

Race of Gentlemen Harley Davidson Flathead 45 For Sale

I recently picked this little Harley Davidson 45 up and got it ready to race.  The new genre of Vintage Motorcycle Racing has really changed the antique motorcycle world.  I read an article recently where a motorcycle enthusiast was ready to give up on motorcycles and then he was invited to the Race of gentlemen event which completely changed his view point on old bikes.

A person (yes guys and gals) can now get into these old machines and actually use them.  With the advent of such events as The Cannonball, Race of Gentlemen and the Sons of Speed event put on by the Lane brothers these bikes are taking a good second breath.

The pictured motorcycle is for sale and is located in SOCAL

This is a nearly complete race ready Harley 45" flathead motorcycle that needs very little to have up and running. Would make a cool Race of Gentlemen motorcycle.
You are welcome to come look at it BUT please don't come with low ball offers. NO TITLE

Rebuilt Harley 45" engine with .30 over pistons Serial #57G1245
Rebuilt 3 speed transmission
Rebuilt primary drive
Original Linkery M88 carb ( was told it was rebuilt)
Original 3 bolt frame, missing dash mount
18" front wheel with new 18 X 4.50 Coker tire
5 X 16 rear wheel with old Goodyear tire
The original pre-40 tanks are sealed and prepped
Original Harley WLA rear fender
The handlebars are Indian and I do have some internal parts and cables that will work with these bars. You will need to purchase the  grips.  If you prefer I will change the bars out to a new set of period correct bars but the spirals will not work with them. 
A new set of WR style exhaust pipes  If you are local and pick the bike up I will include a set of custom pipes but they do need some adjustment.
Original Harley RL front fork and brake. They are chrome but still nice.
The bike is wired for a distributor ignition only set up. You may need to play with it as well as set timing.
Includes the oil lines,battery box lid, fuel shutoff,and I will install the foot boards with new Colony hardware. I believe the footboards are original but don't hold me to it.

Hook up the oil lines, missing the tank nipples and banjo bolt
Gas line not included
Front brake cable
Clutch pedal return spring
Brake return spring

For around $300 in parts and a few hours you will have a running motorcycle. If you think my price is too high please check the prices on Harley Davidson 45 parts.


You can call me at 951-992-9839