Tuesday, May 29, 2012

101 Scout Colors

I have really been thinking about painting my 1928 101 Scout a different color than red on red.  I believe that is the correct color but I like the black bikes as well as the black and red or the black and cream.  To me a motorcycle always looks best with a black frame and components and then add a little color and make it pop.  1931 may have been the beginning of the black Scouts and I am using modified '31 handlebars, Indian face horn and John Brown headlight because it looks the best to me.  I am curious as to the effect on value, if it is done to the highest quality why should the value suffer ?

I don't remember where all the pictures came from as I get them from Google images and store them until I need them.  If one of the bikes or pictures  is yours please be happy for one more spot on the world wide web !