Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moving Right Along

I went over to John Bivens shop today to check on my 101 Scout.  He has done a great job straightening the frame and is about to fix the forks.  My tank is an original 1928 101 tank which is pretty rare. It is a pretty nice tank and worth a bit to purists.  The cool thing is that my tins will be original Indain parts.  He has taken it apart and is getting ready to rebuild it.  After he does all the repairs he first has the whole tank tinned so the interior will not rust and the solder will have something to adhere to.  He built me a set of '42 Chief tanks a while back and they were like an object of art.

I like going in his shop as there is cool stuff everywhere as well as some of the most outstanding motorcycles you will see anywhere.  He has a way of keeping you balanced and on track.  If you need an Indian redone he is the best I have seen hands down.

Here is a set of wheels he built for me as well as the '42 tanks.