Friday, July 27, 2012

1928 Indian 101 Scout .....Restoration 4 U

I am still open to selling my 101 Scout and restore it for the right person.  It is a very original bike with a title.  The engine is being built by the very best and the frame and front end have been straightened and repaired where needed. 

All correct fasteners will be used and will be nickle plated.  The original gas tank is being rebuilt and was a nice tank to start with, it is pretty hard to find a good clean '28 Scout tank.  I am looking for an original chain guard and that may take a bit of time.  Of course a repro guard could be used.

I am taking the liberty of using drop center rims as the original clincher rims are very dangerous.  The bars on the bike are 1931 but I am looking for a set of 1928 bars to go with the bike.

The cost will not be cheap but you will know exactly what you are buying and can be involved as the project progresses.

If you are interested give me a call and we can discuss the details.

Tim Drennen...........................951-992-9839