Friday, August 2, 2013

1960 Triumph Vintage Drag Bike For Sale

This is the real deal, an original special built vintage dragster. It is a very cool vintage Triumph Drag Bike built in the 1960's.  It is unique in every way.  The frame is built of square tubing with a built in oil tank and a hand fabricated aluminum fuel tank.  I have NO history on this motorcycle at all.  I bought it as a rolling chassis and at the time it had an old original 18" Avon drag slick on it.  I replaced the tire with a new M&H Drag Slick.   The transmission should be gone through and has a broken clutch adjustment cable lug (I have the broken piece).
The engine was sourced through a builder in Bakersfield, CA and has original T120 cases and an original tachometer drive side cover .  It is missing the drive piece for the tachometer that bolts to the inner gear.It was built as follows and has not been run
: Original 1960 Bonneville Triumph cases
: Nine bolt top end with Bonneville 9 bolt head
: Racing valves and springs
: High compression 9.5:1 piston set up
: One piece crank w/new bearings and re-grind
: Polished con rods
: High lift race cams
: Balanced and lightened crank set up

It has a BTH magneto with a fixed timing gear, I know it is hot but don't know the history.  Needs to be timed.
The rear shifter was made from a Panhead mouse trap set up and looks like it would work fine.
I was told the front end was rebuilt with new tubes and it looks right.
Things I know need to be done:
Needs carburetors and manifolds
I made a plate that fits between the frame rails widen the frame so the rear wheel can be centered.  Needs to be welded.  The rear brake plate fit a slot in the frame but I would highly advise setting up the brake with a traditional real stay bar.  Just need a tab on the frame and a bolt on the brake plate. Need to finish the seat, I made a pan from diamond plate.
Needs correct bolt set for engine and to anchor motor and transmission to mounting plates.
Needs a complete primary set up.
Rear chain.  I have a rear sprocket but it should have a new one.
A few other odds and ends like the rear fender etc.
This is a very interesting project bike that needs to finished.  It is a piece of history !!
I do have a few more parts for it like a better set of rear sets, racing cams, lightened timing gears, etc.  Extra parts are negotiable, base price for the bike as shown is $5000.00
NO TITLE, this is a race bike.  Bill of Sale only