Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Roadrunner Invasion

When I was writing the last blog it made me remember some things that happened while we lived in the orchard in Corrales, New Mexico.  One of the strangest was the roadrunner invasion !

The roadrunner is a very interesting bird that I knew nothing about when we moved to New Mexico.  I learned some things by watching them and other things by talking to people.  By the way, when in New Mexico, be careful what you believe.

I have observed roadrunners stalk and kill other birds.  They can and will fly short distances and I have read that they will kill a rattlesnake and eat it.  These are not timid birds.

I said all that so you can relate to what I am about to tell.  We often saw them while we lived in Corrales, they are not rare.  One morning I went out to the shop to start my day building motorcycles.  I think I was building Nick's Triumph and the Red Rockette bike at that time.  The garage door was open as I had been out there earlier and I noticed a roadrunner had come into the garage and was roosting on a bike.  Pretty odd !  What was really odd was that there were three of them in the shop and they didn't want to leave.  I finally ran them out as I didn't want scratched paint on any of the bikes.  It was actually pretty cool thinking back on it.  Much cooler that the snakes that came into the shop !