Monday, August 5, 2013

My Old BMW R60/2

My old BMW R60 and the house we had in Corrales, New Mexico.  I found this bike in Gallup,NM and bought it for a good price.  It was a bit rough but I was amazed at the design of this machine.  It was laid out in a straight forward manner and was easy to work on.  I once heard that BMW's do need repair and maintenance but they stay fixed after you work on them.  They also don't leak which is completely amazing to someone accustomed to British bikes.  The British could never figure out how to keep anything as viscous as motor oil inside the cases.

I met a gentleman in Albuquerque who was selling a few bikes.  In the back of his garage was an original paint BMW R69S.  It was beautiful and I said I would have one some day.

As a side note the property in Corrales was really one of my favorite houses.  It had exposed beam ceilings that pooped and creaked constantly.  The only time it was completely silent was the time it snowed a foot, I guess it insulated the roof against temperature change. We fixed it up to be very nice and comfortable. 

The property was part of the agricultural area and we watered everything in our apple orchard off of the Rio Grande river.  For a fee of about $60.00 per year you could access the irrigation system through a series of gates and flood the property.  I would start watering in the morning and by mid-morning I would have about a foot of water covering the entire property except where the house sat which was elevated.  Pretty cool deal !  I would come outside and have Wood Ducks and Mallards swimming in the yard.  We also had Sandhill Cranes and Canada Geese come right in the yard.  I miss the Cranes with their wonderful songs when they began to migrate.  Anyway it truly was The Land of Enchantment and I am glad we had the opportunity to live there for about 6 years.