Thursday, August 29, 2013

Change Your Coffee/ Change Your Life !! New Business

If you follow this blog you may have noticed that I am an incurable entrepreneur.  I have had a Tattoo business, I am a General Building Contractor (inactive), I have had a Home Inspection business and I have had my motorcycle business Classic Moto-Cycles since 2003.  I have always believed that there are too many opportunities available to us just by living in the USA to sit around and do nothing or to be an employee making whatever the company allows me to make.  I have made a living doing all of the businesses except the tattoo business which I decided not to follow through with.

I have always been a little skeptical of multi-level marketing businesses as they always seem to be long on hype and short on delivery.  I have seen most of the big operations that have been around for a long time as my parents worked at most of them and they drug me into them at some level or another.  I have no good memories of any of them.

I recently went to an opportunity presentation for  Javita Coffee and I was blown away by the product and the business opportunity.  My wife and I went to the presentation with no interest in signing up OR drinking the coffee.  I didn't even sample the coffee when I came into the room even though I am a die hard Starbucks coffee drinker.  About half way through the presentation I got interested and went over and helped myself to a cup of the burn+control weight loss coffee and was impressed by the taste.  By the end of the day we signed up and put our $500 down to start a business.  The money that can be made is amazing (remember Classic Motorcycles cost money to have and play with ) and the weight loss potential is just what I needed as I have gained some weight over the years.

I started drinking this coffee a week ago and I have lost about 7 pounds.  Along with the coffee I have been much more active and I have watched what I eat.  It has been pretty easy as the ingredients in the coffee curb my appetite and I have a more sustained energy level.

I had planned on stop blogging but I have found a second wind and would like to share this opportunity with anyone who is interested.  There is no high pressure, you either want to take advantage of the opportunity or not.

We are hosting an open house here at our home in Moreno Valley, CA this Saturday from 9-12 am and you are all invited.  Just give me a call at 951-992-9839 and I will give you our address.  If this time doesn't work for you, just let me know and I will get with you at your convenience.

You can check us out at:

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