Sunday, February 9, 2014

1934 Harley Davidson VL Project Begins

Well I finally got all the '34 VL parts I bought in one place, my shop !  It took forever to get the engine parts and some were damaged due to poor packing by the seller, never the less I am moving forward.  I know it's a pretty meager beginning but all good projects start with an idea anyway.

I am looking for a good VL frame and front end that are not all pitted from being stored behind the barn.  I see quite a few go through E Bay but they have not been as clean as I would like.  The frame is the whole structure that holds all the parts together so I want one that has seen some care.

There isn't a whole lot I can do until my arm heals up but hoard parts so that is what I am slowly doing.  My goal is to use original parts as much as possible but I am going to use all Replicant sheet metal to avoid the hassle and expense of using old beat up tin work.