Friday, January 24, 2014

World's Fastest VL ? 103 mph

I came across this 1934 VL on Steve Slocombe's VLHeaven site, I had no idea that a VL could be made to go over 100 mph.  The more I look at these old bikes the more impressed I am with their performance and from what I am finding out, their handling and reliability.

The description below is from the VL Heaven site.  Steve has this bike for sale.

"World's Fastest VL? This is the bike electronically timed on an airfield at 103 mph, and that was before putting on the high compression aluminium heads and the bobber seat. Matched 1934 cases with ported and relieved cylinders, bored and stroked to 1350 cc, titanium valves, racing valve springs, street/race cams with more lift and duration, period M2 Linkert carburettor with 1 1/8" venturi, racing muffler, cadmium wheel rims, Avon street / race tyres, brakes actually rather good after numerous quarter-miling sprint sessions down the track, and with the mighty 27 tooth drive sprocket for relaxed high speed cruising. The bike is street legal during daytime in the UK and comes with UK registration papers."