Saturday, January 18, 2014

Howdah Pistol


.577-2" caliber, steel smooth bore double barrels, back action casehardened and engraved locks with hammers. Underlever round action and checkered pistol grip stock. In superb original condition retaining 97-98% barrel blue, nearly all of the casehardened finish on all parts. Excellent wood and checkering.

This is a tool every man should own, basically a sawed off double rife.  They were dubbed Howdah guns because you carried one as back up when hunting tiger in India.  Tigers were hunted from the back of an elephant and the hunters rode in a basket on the elephants back called a Howdah..  When Sahib messed up with his long rifle and the tiger decided to join you in the basket, a real good tool to have on hand would be a Howdah gun to repel the offending invader.  They were built to high standard as your life depended on it and if you could jaunt off to India to pick up a tiger or two, you could afford this kind of quality.  This one is chambered in .577 - 2" which would pack a nice punch.  I always wanted one, but alas it has not worked out.