Sunday, January 12, 2014

A New Year, A Broken Arm and ...............

Well it's been an interesting week !  I just about lost my hand in an accident involving a tractor.  As with any piece of machinery it never pays to get too comfortable with it no matter how much you use it.  The parking brake failed and it rolled down the hill and caught me between the sharp edge of the bucket and a dumpster.  It also hit my leg which was not a big deal.  The blade almost severed my hand from my arm.  I have no doubt ,but by the mercy and Grace of God, I either would have been killed or lost my hand.  I say this with all conviction. 

I ended up with an open compound fracture of my humorous bone.  It is a very unnerving thing to look down and see your bones sticking out of your arm.  Thankfully the lady next door was turning her horse out and she came to my assistance, even though she was taken to the edge she stayed with me until the ambulance came.  Thank you Venice! When the guys from Cal Fire saw my Vallejo Fire hat, they really helped me out.  It took 20 mg of morphine to ever dull the pain !  After spending 4 days in the hospital and 2 surgeries I can say that I am still impressed with the medical community.  With a few exceptions they really were outstanding.  This is the whole reason I got into the Emergency Medical field years ago, helping people get through a crisis as smoothly as possible.  I know God was showing me some things and I intend to pick up the pace this year !  There is much more to life than what I have been doing.  This whole thing is about serving God and His people.