Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Cannonball Coast to Coast Race"

Picture by David Uhl
When you think about the pioneers of trans-continental record breaking, it stands out that these men and women were made of tougher stuff.  They made these rides alone, on dirt (and mud ) roads with very little support and they did it in amazing time spans. 
At this end of the spectrum, we are doing trans-continental "Cannonball Races" with massive support structures (as in portable machine shops in semi-truck trailers) and in time spans that don't exactly blow you away.  It would seem that there would be a trans-continental race with no support vehicles and be done as fast as humanly possible allowing for antiquated machinery, etc.  What if you had to stage your support and supplies in such a way as to duplicate the original conditions ? Now, that my friend, would be a Coast to Coast Race worthy of Cannonball Bakers name !