Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The VL Legacy Project

Check out Steve Slocombes' site, this is the man when it comes to the Harley VL.  He is seeking to duplicate the old California Highway Patrol footage from the 1930's where a group of Patrol VL's were all clocked at 100 mph.

Here is  the verbiage from Harley Davidson for the 1934 VL line.

1934 Harley-Davidson Brochure
"They're newer than new, hotter than hot, faster than fast, and neater than neat. In fact, brother, they're honeys! These new 1934 model Harley-Davidsons make previous models, as good as they were, look out of date, and no foolin'. These 1934 dream ships with their ultra-modern styling will make your old heart go pit-a-pat when you check them over. Boy, every time we look at a 1934 model our fingers start to itch to get at the throttle and listen to the pretty music from that new muffler.
Look at the new fenders. Ain't that sumpin! Streamlining adapted to a motorcycle at its very best. Air-flo design is what we call it, and it matches up in style with the dynamite and wallop packed in the 1934 VLD motors. When you pour in that throttle, they cut loose and start producing real horses, actually 36 h.p. at 4600 r.p.m., and we don't have to tell you that this means miles per hour and lots of 'em. When this husky baby starts drinking in gasoline through that Y-shaped, no resistance intake manifold, things start to happen and your speedometer needle begins to move like the second hand on a watch.
The 74 Big Twin is the battle wagon of the 1934 Harley-Davidson line. Flashing, rocket-like speed, bulldog power and unlimited dependability are the characteristics of this TNT powered speedster. Class in every line. Just look at those new guards, the new tank insignia, the chrome plated covers on the chain guard, the new Comfort Saddle and the trim tail light. Last year our special motors were listed at $10 higher than the standard, but we're coming in on the New Deal, and for 1934 the $10 extra charge is taken off. How's that, brother?"
Check out the video from the 1930's here.  All of this information came from the VL Heaven site and is intended to promote the restoration of the old VL line.