Thursday, January 23, 2014

Craigs' Harley Davidson JDH Bobber

I met Craig yesterday while trying to sell my '58 Triumph project.  I saw a 1945 UL engine he had for sale and I inquired to see if he might want to do some swapping.  I don't know if that will happen but I was real glad to meet him.  He is a local motorcycle restorer and painter as well as the president of the LAAMCA.
We got to talking and I asked him if he had any old JD's and he said he actually has 2 JDH's !   To me these rank way up the list in the coolest bikes ever built. Two-Cam Harleys, also known as the JDH, first appeared in 1928 in 61- and 74-inch engine sizes. They were bred from H-D racers and featured domed Dow magnesium alloy pistons that allowed for higher compression.

To up the cool factor, Craig inherited this motorcycle from his grandfather !  This is not a bike for a purist as it runs a British four speed tranny and disc brakes.  Back in the day guys just built what they wanted and rode them as intended.