Monday, February 13, 2012

John Eagles

I took my magneto and carburetor over to John Eagles today to try to get ahead on things so I don't get caught short in September.  He has been rebuilding magnetos for a long time. John is someone I had only read about so it was cool to meet him in person, he has a lot of vintage motorcycle riding behind him.  He was one of the original founders of the SOCAL AMCA.  He had some very cool old bikes, anyone of which would be good for the Cannonball.

I also stopped by John Bivens shop to see how my frame and forks are coming along.  In my book, Bivens is top notch. When you look at the bikes he builds you almost can't believe how good they look.  Anyhow, we are plugging right along.  I want the Scout to be running and rideable no later than the end of July so I can try to work out last minute issues.  I am going to run with primer on the frame, forks and sheetmetal and paint it after the Cannonball.   I am more concerned with the mechanical integrity of the machine than how pretty it looks.  The wheels, engine and few other items will be in the correct finish as it would make no sense to cut cost in those areas.