Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Real Motorcycle

I have been thinking about buying a "real motorcycle" lately.  What I mean by that is a motorcycle that will start, run and carry you in comfort whereever you may desire to travel.  This '66 Shovelhead may or may not qualify, but I think it might.  My '55 Triumph, '28 Indian Scout and any of another dozen or so bikes I have owned recently are not "real motorcycles" but toys that I have enjoyed looking at and riding short distances.  The '73 Moto-Guzzi V7 Sport qualified so naturally I sold it on as quickly as possible !

The big question is, does anyone manufacture a modern motorcycle that is not down right ugly or close to it.  I have scanned all the websites lately and have come down to either a Harley Davidson Road King or a BMW from the late 70's or early 80's.  The Road King is just a clone of the Shovelhead so why not get a Shovel that has been put together with care.  I would still get the luxury of the electric starter for when I just don't feel like kicking a bike into life.  The Shovel would no doubt pull away from most modern Harleys and would be reliable if taken care of prpoperly.

This does not rule out a 1940's Indian but there are days I just would rather hit the starter button and take off.  Plus, a set of hard bags would look just about perfect on the Shovelhead.

I am still working on my '28 Scout and it will be a joy to ride, however, on some days you just want to go some place with as few problems as possible.

Just the musings of a motorcycle aficianado who is looking for the perfect motorcycle.  I am not a brand fanatic even though I love Indians, Harleys, Triumphs and Vincents so  we will see where this ends up...............