Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vincents In The Mist

I was thinking about my Vincents as I read an article on riding a Rapide in the latest issue of Motorcycle Classics.  I have owned two of them, one was a Comet 500 and the other was a Norvin project.

I imported the Comet from England and it took almost two months to get to me in New Mexico.  It was a really cool little bike, the amount of detail put into even the small Comets was amazing.  I rode it for a while and it did take some getting used to.  It handled a bit differently and felt hinged in the middle.  I would love to have it still.

The other bike was a Norvin project, someone had taken a Rapide engine and cut the transmission off.  I guess it made sense to whoever it was to mess up a classic engine and run it with a BSA gearbox ??  It was installed in a Norton Featherbed frame with Roadholder forks.  The engine looked pretty good and I think it was rebuilt.  If the engine had not been cut I would have kept it but as it was I sold it on.

I really would like a Rapide before it is all over, big money so we will see.