Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1909 Curtiss Wright Single Cylinder Engine on E Bay

There is a super rare Curtiss Wright motorcycle engine for sale on E Bay.  Curtiss only made motorcycles for a short period before he dedicated himself to developing and building aircraft.  He started out building bicycles and then on to motorcycles.  In 1907  he built an 8 cylinder motorcycle and set an amazing record of  136.36 mph.  That was unimaginable at that time.  I have never built a bike for speed yet but I  understand that making a bike do 130 mph at Bonneville is still difficult.

If you read up on Curtiss you will find an amazing individual who probably did more for early air craft development than anyone, including the Wright Brothers.

He only built motorcycles from 1901-1913 so this engine is way rare.  It looks like he also has some period correct wheels to start a build with.  You can go directly to auction by hitting the link below.  I dug up a few pictures on line that show several top ends from the period so do your home work before you purchase.