Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jim Morrisons' Honda

OK here is a story that still keeps me awake at night.  This same exact Honda CL77 was listed in the local Craigslist for pretty close to a year.  I looked at it and waffled back and forth over the owners asking price of $2K.  It didn't look this good when advertised.  Bottom line is I was too cheap and didn't move on it.

I just received my latest copy of  Motorcycle Classics and opened it up to read the story of how this bike was traced back to Jim Morrison with iron clad provenance !  I about flipped out.  The paint job should have been enough to get me to at least get in my truck and go look at it.  It happens to have been painted by a guy by the name of Kenneth Howard who actually owned the bike after Morrison's death in 1971.  The present owner has two standing offers of $75K but is holding out for much more.  You know what, I hope he gets it !