Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Triumph Build

I am getting ready to start a Triumph unit twin build.  I sold my 1970 rolling chassis to a motorcycle building school in Japan.  Pretty cool concept, they said they have restored hundreds of Triumphs over the years.

I retained my 1969 TR6 engine which is very buildable.  I plan on rebuilding the engine myself and try to do this bike as cheaply as possible without sacrificing on quality.

I have an original Wassel peanut tank and ribbed rear fender that I will be using and I just purchased a front frame loop off of a 1964 TR6.  I am going to order a hard tail frame assembly from Factory Metal Works here pretty soon and get it mocked up.  I have used their products before and was very pleased with their quality.

No doubt there will be a lot of pictures of custom Triumphs on this site as I go along.  I have a rough concept in mind but haven't ironed out all of the details.

Here are some pictures of a few bikes I really like.  I think some are from The Jockey Journal and others I don't recall where they came from.

This is a pre-unit but I really like the lines, looks old but cool !!