Friday, June 28, 2013

"51 Triumph Salt Bike

This little Triumph is too cool for school !  It was raced at Bonneville and holds some records.  Being sold by Ron Cobb in the UK.  See description below

1951 Triumph 6T Thunderbird - Bonneville Salt flats 'Land Speed Racer'. AMA National Record Holder, Class: 650 M-VG. At Bonneville 2008 International Speed Trials by BUB. Also competed in 1995. Long time ownership, comes with engineers notes & dating certificate. A historic competitive bike on the button starts easily & sounds fantastic on the inverted megga's. Two engines, the actual record breaker engine, & spare engine, both freshly prepared ready for next time out. Both lightened, balanced, 11.5 pistons, tapered skirts, crankcases worked for hot cams, Carillo rods, Morgo oil pump etc. Plus kit of other engine options, including two special twin carb iron heads, plus a Tricor type aluminum twin carb head with welded inlets, various cams, pistons, oil pumps, plus a braked front alloy wheel & tyre with ancillaries.