Friday, June 28, 2013

Black Lightning

The Vincent Black Lightning was essentially a made-to-order motorcycle, designed to race. As such, it was equipped with various go-fast goodies, including rear set foot controls, alloy rims and special lightweight brake backing plates. These machines did not leave the Vincent factory equipped with road-going equipment such as lights or kick starters. What makes the Lightning special is the 998cc engine, specially assembled with hand-selected racing components, including modified heads with larger intake ports and polished valve rockers, beefier connecting rods, a Lucas racing magneto, Amal TT carburetors and straight-through exhaust pipes. In all, it is thought there were only 30 “real” Black Lightning motorcycles produced.

The Great Gunga-Din Black Lightning

This is perhaps the most iconic motorcycle picture ever taken.   Rollie Free Flat Out on the Vincent Lightning at 150.313 mph in 1948